We are polymerphys IK

Knut Laumen

Owner & CEO

Motto #beyourself and follow your passion

Education Physics laboratory assistant & Graduate engineer degree in Applied Physics

Work scope Workshops & Seminars, Creep testing methods, Specimen preparation, Chairman DIN Standardization Work group "Mechanical properties & Specimen preparation", Member ISO Standardization Work group "Mechanical properties"

Professional experience 31 years


Ingrid Petricone

Motto We need a plan

Education Chemical laboratory worker

Work scope Mechanical & Thermal testing methods

Professional experience 34 years


Sergej Schubenok

Motto Learning by doing

Education Master of Engineering degree in Plastics Technology

Work scope Mechanical specialized testing methods, Testing methods for additive manufacturing, Fibre length analysis, Analytical testing methods

Professional experience an infinite number of laboratory experiments during the study and the final theses, currently 3 years


Maryam Eshghi

Motto Keep calm and carry on

Education Bachelor degree in Applied Physics

Work scope Infrared spectroscopy, Fibre length analysis, Mechanical testing methods

Professional experience 12 years 

Jürgen Grußbach

Motto Never be tired for new experience

Education Physics laboratory assistant & Technician Physics

Work scope Infrared spectroscopy

Professional experience 50 years



Sergei Trifonov

Motto Listen to the customer

Education Master of Engineering degree in Plastics Technology

Work scope Workshops & Seminars, Specimen preparation, Mechanical & Thermal testing methods

Professional experience 20 years


Juliia Sukhova

Motto If something seems to be impossibly complex – just divide it to simple steps

Education Linguist of Romano-Germanic languages; Economics

Work scope Marketing, Workshops, Social media management, Public relations

Professional experience 8 years